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Public UUIDpub_0853a051-575d-4092-93ed-1cb51cc3e493
Operating SystemUbuntu 14.04 trusty
System VendorAmerican Megatrends Inc.
System Model 1.0 (wiki)
Last Modified2014-06-28 19:41:58
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3C941 Gigabit LOM Ethernet Adapter 3C941 Gigabit LOM Ethernet Adapter (wiki) ETHERNET
SiS900 PCI Fast Ethernet (wiki) ETHERNET
746 Host (wiki) HOST/PCI
K7S41GX motherboard (wiki) MULTIMEDIA_AUDIO
OHCI PCI host controller (wiki) NONE
EHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
Cinergy HTC USB XS (wiki) NONE
SiS963 [MuTIOL Media IO] LPC Controller (wiki) PCI/ISA
AGP Port (virtual PCI-to-PCI bridge) (wiki) PCI/PCI
SiS961/2/3 SMBus controller (wiki) SERIAL
5513 IDE Controller (wiki) STORAGE
USB 2.0 Controller (wiki) USB
USB 1.1 Controller (wiki) USB
RV350 [Radeon 9550/9600/X1050 Series] ICL (wiki) VIDEO
RV350 [Radeon 9550/9600/X1050 Series] (Secondary) Motorola (wiki) VIDEO