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Public UUIDpub_180fcf58-0251-489f-88d2-8c10c785b942
Operating SystemUbuntu 12.04.2 LTS
System VendorSAMSUNG
System ModelCoronaR 04RK (wiki)
Last Modified2013-02-17 12:17:14
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P30/P35 notebook (wiki) ETHERNET
P30/P35 notebook P35 notebook (wiki) FIREWIRE
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) HOST/PCI
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) MULTIMEDIA_AUDIO
Samsung P35 integrated WLAN (wiki) NETWORK
UHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
EHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
Internal Fingerprint Reader (wiki) NONE
P30/P35 notebook P35 notebook (wiki) PCI/CARDBUS
82801DBM (ICH4-M) LPC Interface Bridge (wiki) PCI/ISA
82855PM Processor to AGP Controller (wiki) PCI/PCI
82801 Mobile PCI Bridge (wiki) PCI/PCI
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) SERIAL
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) SIMPLE
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) STORAGE
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) USB
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) USB
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) USB
P30/P35 notebook (wiki) USB
P35 notebook (wiki) VIDEO