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Public UUIDpub_e26df85a-c27e-4236-b750-fa36718d4edc
Operating SystemUbuntu 12.10
System ModelMS-7368 1.0 (wiki)
Last Modified2013-03-22 15:10:42
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K9AG Neo2 (wiki) ETHERNET
VT6306/7/8 [Fire II(M)] IEEE 1394 OHCI Controller (wiki) FIREWIRE
RS690 Host Bridge (wiki) HOST/PCI
K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] HyperTransport Technology Configuration (wiki) HOST/PCI
K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Miscellaneous Control (wiki) HOST/PCI
K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] DRAM Controller (wiki) HOST/PCI
K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Address Map (wiki) HOST/PCI
High Definition Audio Controller (wiki) MULTIMEDIA
SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (wiki) MULTIMEDIA
xHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
xHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
deskjet 3420 (wiki) NONE
OHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
AS2105 (wiki) NONE
NovaT 500Stick (wiki) NONE
USB Mouse (wiki) NONE
USB Keyboard (wiki) NONE
EHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) PCI/ISA
RS690 PCI to PCI Bridge (PCI Express Graphics Port 0) (wiki) PCI/PCI
RS690 PCI to PCI Bridge (PCI Express Port 2) (wiki) PCI/PCI
SBx00 PCI to PCI Bridge (wiki) PCI/PCI
RS690 PCI to PCI Bridge (wiki) PCI/PCI
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) SERIAL
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) STORAGE
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) STORAGE
USB (wiki) USB
USB 2.0 Northrop Grumman - Canada Ltd (wiki) USB
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) USB
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) USB
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) USB
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) USB
uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller Illegal Vendor ID (wiki) USB
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) USB
K9AG Neo2 (wiki) USB
GT218 [GeForce 210] (wiki) VIDEO