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Public UUIDpub_f86eaeb8-3ca9-44a8-a78b-1f22af89ff4b
Operating SystemUbuntu 21.04 hirsute
System VendorASUS
System ModelSystem Product Name System Version (wiki)
Last Modified2022-04-19 11:53:15
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Starship/Matisse IOMMU (wiki) BASE
Coral Edge TPU (wiki) BASE
PRIME B450M-A Motherboard (wiki) ETHERNET
Matisse Device 24: Function 5 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 4 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 7 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 6 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 1 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 3 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 2 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Matisse Device 24: Function 0 (wiki) HOST/PCI
Starship/Matisse Root Complex (wiki) HOST/PCI
Starship/Matisse PCIe Dummy Host Bridge (wiki) HOST/PCI
Starship/Matisse HD Audio Controller (wiki) MULTIMEDIA
GP108 High Definition Audio Controller (wiki) MULTIMEDIA
Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (wiki) NETWORK
xHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
xHCI Host Controller (wiki) NONE
USB PnP Sound Device (wiki) NONE
AURA LED Controller (wiki) NONE
Unknown (wiki) NONE
Unknown (wiki) NONE
USB Receiver (wiki) NONE
Starship/Matisse Reserved SPP (wiki) NONE
Starship/Matisse Cryptographic Coprocessor PSPCPP (wiki) NONE
Starship/Matisse PCIe Dummy Function (wiki) NONE
Unknown (wiki) NONE
BB+ Dongle(e.d) (wiki) NONE
USB-Serial Controller (wiki) NONE
Unknown (wiki) NONE
IEEE-1284 Controller (wiki) NONE
Bose USB Audio (wiki) NONE
FCH LPC Bridge (wiki) PCI/ISA
(wiki) PCI/PCI
(wiki) PCI/PCI
Starship/Matisse GPP Bridge (wiki) PCI/PCI
Starship/Matisse Internal PCIe GPP Bridge 0 to bus[E:B] (wiki) PCI/PCI
FCH SMBus Controller (wiki) SERIAL
(wiki) STORAGE
Maspar Computer Corp (wiki) STORAGE
Alliance Semiconductor Corporation (wiki) USB
Matisse USB 3.0 Host Controller (wiki) USB
GP108 [GeForce GT 1030] (wiki) VIDEO