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Breaks System
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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_f2947705-b7d8-4ce6-97cd-6964df3ac67a Dell, Inc. Dell DXP051
pub_bdbbd10c-26b8-4ce6-862f-4506fe0cfb0a Dell, Inc. Dell DXP051
pub_3365ec9e-f381-4c1c-bae2-edda0c1b34db System manufacturer System Product Name System Version
pub_db2a656c-7d29-4d68-b757-2063d600fdd9 Intel Corporation Nocona/Tumwater Customer Reference Board Revision A0
pub_ec42afeb-fe9d-49b0-bb9f-35f4cbc7b4c7 FUJITSU SIEMENS SCENIC L
pub_fdb7f197-077b-43c1-8be4-d9a7b5c5d965 ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC P5W DH Deluxe System Version
pub_a936afc1-31bd-4160-9f16-3518adca5a1d ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC P5W DH Deluxe System Version
pub_bc9ee5b8-e3a0-460a-ade2-63e50e0ea821 System Manufacturer System Name System Version