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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_c0b38b21-71fb-4917-ba90-d6bcdb489115 FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO Li1705 20
pub_6e40f4b9-3215-4128-8fd1-2a5a218094c8 BIOSTAR Group TA75M+
pub_84a81b3c-c812-489c-aaf2-3f1ffc225f44 Dell, Inc. Dell DM051
pub_f57f4059-2552-46ac-953e-3b100c00a019 Unknown Unknown
pub_1c9bd795-2651-4dce-9006-7ba6b3362fdd MINIPC MINIPC 2.90
pub_1b163d4f-074e-480c-a23f-4a99c92ddbab MINIPC MINIPC 2.90
pub_5deb0832-edf2-4a81-931b-4793fb59f0ae MINIPC MINIPC 2.90
pub_ef3b317d-cc03-494d-9333-a1688d52b7ca MINIPC MINIPC 2.90
pub_30f5c447-4ae6-4f32-bc8b-e1f69e69d1f3 MINIPC MINIPC 2.90
pub_dc2b9f34-7e24-4f11-b33a-aaaeeae19cb0 RKM MK36S 0.38