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Breaks System
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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_4c15f753-2f0d-40c8-b02b-78c5eb25a5e1 Apple Inc. Macmini7,1 1.0
pub_491a1194-453a-4cfc-b71e-fc575a5a418f Apple Inc. Macmini7,1 1.0
pub_23a79d08-52ff-43d6-82e8-3ef6a860e29c Apple Inc. Macmini7,1 1.0
pub_3165ab30-a055-4559-98c7-b4c540108b2a Apple Inc. iMac17,1 1.0
pub_0e6dfe20-511c-4a72-8757-6d044c367f04 Apple Inc. iMac17,1 1.0
pub_c508bb25-7c47-40d7-a875-4974cd95022b Apple Inc. Macmini7,1 1.0
pub_510e3c0c-e6f8-402d-971b-9fe452cce3af Apple Inc. MacBookPro12,1 1.0
pub_2044e3d2-8ebc-4ef3-9948-dd23d2d5ff8e Apple Inc. MacBookPro12,1 1.0
pub_34f455cc-9ec5-4b89-8dec-dd4bd71d7388 Apple Inc. iMac17,1 1.0
pub_0eb91811-6ec0-45ac-8e0a-d2dc9d95fe40 Apple Inc. iMac17,1 1.0
pub_c5260794-d813-4798-97ef-aed4e488480f Apple Inc. Macmini7,1 1.0
pub_62c2febe-4dd4-40eb-91fd-1d00e2a00de3 Apple Inc. Macmini7,1 1.0