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Breaks System
Doesn't Work
Requires 3rd Party Drivers
Works, but required additional configuration
Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_8e5bdc3a-313e-49fd-a5c7-e078c784069d Shuttle Inc SP35 V10
pub_7bf674ad-f65c-426e-9346-20d8eb4b6b76 Shuttle SX48 V10
pub_90727526-dd84-4152-b9e9-fb85d65b98cf Shuttle Inc SN68PT V10
pub_27aa1ef4-c920-460c-ba60-4c6064f0cfae Shuttle Inc SN68PT V10
pub_ee0646c9-928c-4f0f-b046-a1513dd34ed6 Shuttle Inc SN68PT V10
pub_b3f6c21a-2adf-41ce-a9f6-599ce8edd0aa Shuttle Inc SG33 V10
pub_7e5db04d-408f-4a3c-b1df-9a8b358b0ad5 Shuttle Inc SG33 V10
pub_90322f9c-3a22-47da-bba9-456dcac22bf7 Shuttle Inc SP35 V10
pub_26d88fcf-aafa-43ad-a65b-a1740ef8574e Shuttle Inc SP35 V10
pub_18b9713a-ea20-48ad-a6e8-35953c94c734 Shuttle SX38 V10
pub_7829f1ad-b886-440d-8992-1b331a58f338 Shuttle Inc SG33 V10
pub_58a45ebc-7f34-4766-95b8-248d5ec6191a Shuttle Inc SP35 V10
pub_4f90e960-de7d-4989-b10e-d65bb14eee4c Shuttle Inc SG33 V10
pub_a9591545-5616-4c2e-bcb6-726b6185aaad Shuttle Inc SP35 V10
pub_5bb0d934-4bac-453c-aa0e-e2afaa913a9a Shuttle Inc SP35 V10
pub_27fb9497-5fc3-4d4e-ac34-1a7d805a14c1 Shuttle Inc SN68PT V10
pub_b9a99a0e-2c0a-4ddc-82d1-8faa12a9f73b Shuttle Inc SN68PT V10
pub_69041ba1-1a62-4996-a484-838cf832f69f Shuttle Inc SG33 V10