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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_124ce272-0ac3-4203-b068-ad648ce09b51 Acer Aspire R3610
pub_0cbf15d5-1a7d-41a3-a944-b08bc515c932 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_472a4987-6ad2-4684-85cb-4ac897d95ce3 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_f1f6a02c-3bef-40cf-86fd-06639aae5cc6 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_f69fba95-7133-4bb2-b1b6-d2c0e656e5d5 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_7ce72219-d74e-4e51-97d4-9a87127d1a38 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_1dcf85d5-2846-4685-9003-694174c13cc2 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_2580c88d-9621-4ed1-9965-45d168383df7 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_a401ac73-914d-4268-8a4a-aee1d842c2ea ECS BAT-MINI 1.0
pub_8483eb75-9985-4dde-8047-ddb18eb7ef19 ECS BAT-MINI 1.0