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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_890ed199-69bc-49e8-b385-03aab0dc603e BIOSTAR Group NF61D-A2 1.0
pub_d032cbe2-906a-4b9f-abfd-87998d9dd454 ECS TIGD-IS V1.0
pub_7c928d0d-2cf3-44ca-9673-23b1bb290a0d Acer V1.29
pub_0335eddd-bc1d-4424-94f9-e70b2d17252d Apple Inc. iMac7,1 1.0
pub_f306f02d-dfa6-4e85-b7e5-9f735396272a Apple Inc. iMac7,1 1.0
pub_2213a1dd-25e1-45f9-8ed7-daffe5cec32e FOXCONN nT435/nT535 Ver 0.001
pub_5ee535bd-1264-4e72-b44b-fdbf99c4e073 To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M.
pub_9c3784ae-121f-43e7-b4f5-47685a2c6e60 Packard Bell BV Amarillo 1.XX
pub_ad2bcde1-bf9f-4143-8b02-cf16e9ff1ede System manufacturer B202 System Version
pub_4960844a-5f21-4599-a049-8ddb005bc474 System manufacturer B202 System Version