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Breaks System
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Requires 3rd Party Drivers
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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_ec2b87bc-8843-4750-8608-f418f3ded08f LENOVO 9450A38 ThinkPad Z61m
pub_d9210bfc-7de8-4d37-bd30-a319d88b7716 LENOVO 945038U ThinkPad Z61m
pub_9f810295-fdea-4d90-8a2c-3d158c0d9b56 LENOVO 9450HAG ThinkPad Z61m
pub_e0ef2e46-3562-4230-8685-f138499740ad LENOVO 9443AF8 ThinkPad Z61t
pub_4d459ad6-c19b-4a91-94c7-e34897bb6975 LENOVO 9452E8U ThinkPad Z61m
pub_78e78eb2-2548-4446-8324-0b94e77c386c LENOVO 9453CTG ThinkPad Z61p
pub_38ae5789-64c0-412b-b565-eae19990250c LENOVO 9443AG2 ThinkPad Z61t
pub_d9fb2d58-f1fc-4fbc-a4f3-206222557fc3 LENOVO 945038U ThinkPad Z61m