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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_72659928-3f59-4f52-aa59-4acef3825798 Intel Corporation Shark Bay Client platform 0.1
pub_ad5f1b7f-0b92-4359-8d99-7a4aba80507d Dell, Inc. Latitude E6540 01
pub_ddc73561-3e6f-4a80-bb1d-9074a84bcdc0 Dell, Inc. Latitude E6540 01
pub_1fbc245d-0426-44fe-bb5a-e854fce12417 Dell, Inc. Precision M6800 01
pub_122d1e3d-40be-4600-9f00-f2c6799f4aeb Dell, Inc. Precision M6800 00
pub_e318cb28-a02f-48db-a82d-49bc857140c1 LENOVO 20BE003SUS ThinkPad T540p
pub_1e00b6a3-6eaa-4fae-81dd-03f680b77ba3 LENOVO 20BE003SUS ThinkPad T540p
pub_ac3a54d8-8aa4-40db-a402-0678d61ee8d9 LENOVO 20BE003NUS ThinkPad T540p
pub_6c23a9ac-5cb4-44bc-bbd5-bbce81152f83 LENOVO 20BG001KMS ThinkPad W540
pub_7734e185-0bdf-400f-99a7-6a8c76af2a01 LENOVO 20BG001KMS ThinkPad W540
pub_66785a8a-4039-4d3e-b79f-bde976c1d678 TOSHIBA TECRA A50-A PT645E-00H00MGR