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Breaks System
Doesn't Work
Requires 3rd Party Drivers
Works, but required additional configuration
Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_70e360e6-4d03-4571-9053-c4f9dd31d9f7 IBM 2722BDG Not Available
pub_6896e002-b7eb-4c0f-ad95-6e6f32679008 IBM 1862A14 ThinkPad R52
pub_23fe974e-a673-4d13-8c4e-1baa6cf2db84 IBM 2681Y11 Not Available
pub_05469497-757f-4e82-99ce-7e5d831349f4 IBM 1872W65 ThinkPad T43
pub_fcba65b0-f14f-4c8e-a155-8cd256a6294b IBM 18604QU ThinkPad R52
pub_751ce1f6-3296-4323-84fa-52614a585bad IBM 2681HTG Not Available
pub_47d4c05d-8efb-4d64-b5a9-375063fe5431 IBM 1875DMU ThinkPad T43
pub_25dc0279-094d-4f80-8122-8017f981a247 IBM 18714AG ThinkPad T43
pub_1c8aad28-7547-43df-a722-7089166b3779 IBM 18714AG ThinkPad T43
pub_c49a63cd-6ea1-41dd-b399-1311f8e1a71b IBM 18714AG ThinkPad T43
pub_80c0daf1-8d02-4118-bbd1-f139ed14bc00 IBM 2897B4U Not Available
pub_995f649a-8848-481f-a6f7-5f7b4564f999 IBM 2684CG1 Not Available
pub_c6c71343-06af-4179-9f1d-68d2a795828d IBM 2684HVG Not Available