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Breaks System
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Requires 3rd Party Drivers
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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_adcbb3ff-8440-4fb6-b25e-3597d2d18d8d LENOVO 4291EJ3 ThinkPad X220
pub_13dacdf5-aeb1-4593-9b69-71a7a94bc640 LENOVO 4294CTO ThinkPad X220 Tablet
pub_19f07156-8d7d-4ef3-9490-86f64f824b8e LENOVO 4291EJ3 ThinkPad X220
pub_018ac308-9230-4879-9c5e-50b7eb4f0bbf LENOVO 4236WUK ThinkPad T420
pub_c48d98d6-6f67-4c21-b67e-8548e3e4d4b1 LENOVO 42406BG ThinkPad T520
pub_a64e9b25-898a-4855-8a12-52dfa903728d LENOVO 4176A14 ThinkPad T420s
pub_409d4ec3-c23c-4818-ba03-efaabc79e886 LENOVO 4239CTO ThinkPad T520
pub_769c0dfc-8f56-47ce-83d7-197e606d9ba2 LENOVO 4174W3L ThinkPad T420s
pub_bf7aeb04-e46c-4c35-a857-73b65128c42e LENOVO 4174W3L ThinkPad T420s
pub_e794012d-d0b5-4f38-9286-73595f44228a LENOVO 4174W3L ThinkPad T420s