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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_049a0fe5-e5c6-431d-a1e9-be5755374402 ASUS All Series System Version
pub_6f470945-778b-4df9-91da-0cb9b0ee7e97 ASUS All Series System Version
pub_7e35b241-1af4-4cf6-989b-4b2104954582 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_3ca18a6e-e333-46e7-97e8-a7f71dfb1b05 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_ce33787a-0c27-4fba-a88c-d36419916346 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_83e2bb44-9d3e-4914-9fba-bb723c33a615 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_cb109d3b-d368-48df-bb3a-577e7896313d MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_07c3ee46-7734-44e1-be67-8cb2ecf40ec3 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_1897a06c-e55b-446a-a008-48ec80722c90 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_eaa81ac9-c10f-4729-9ecc-df754998de91 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_6914afc7-9435-4fdb-804d-54c0f7989b3a MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_53f04f30-d779-42f9-8e01-168324b5e89b MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_c78d04a3-393d-41c9-9720-d78656d38d16 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_2eacfccf-762b-4113-bb5e-3c18245e8f05 MSI MS-7850 1.0
pub_00ad0b92-7c97-4870-99e6-b8be2a3feada PowerSpec 3258 1.0
pub_4ed524e8-5cc2-464a-bfc2-874005747e52 PowerSpec 3258 1.0
pub_25c40653-9623-4472-8a34-d38724512c98 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97M-DS3H To be filled by O.E.M.
pub_81e3067a-46db-4219-b7c5-a32998118f77 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97X-SLI To be filled by O.E.M.
pub_efadb4b4-f129-4ed8-8343-c5c399d16e65 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97X-Gaming 7 To be filled by O.E.M.
pub_0094125b-f11b-40f3-b013-401a925185c8 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97X-UD3H-BK To be filled by O.E.M.
pub_044cfb14-ffbd-4442-ae2f-65ba3f84b7aa Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97-HD3 To be filled by O.E.M.
pub_d2f0e3cf-6bcb-4a51-91a8-c463f50ec768 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z97-HD3 To be filled by O.E.M.
pub_16b2d927-07d7-4b18-8bbc-41d4a070dece To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M.
pub_4d0af8f8-d784-43dc-9bac-f9f97b40f05b MSI MS-7846 3.0
pub_29400a70-0548-4a2d-b20e-9852c8f006f1 MSI MS-7846 3.0
pub_5a0e730e-0521-4134-96f0-b45f60054885 MSI MS-7846 3.0
pub_7c08bffe-73a9-4493-8ae3-bbe77b748de0 MSI MS-7821 1.0