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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_ff678154-4b24-4ec0-b320-5067262e416b LENOVO 09811CU ThinkServer TS200v
pub_288aa7fc-ba65-4b50-b359-2c8958de5535 System manufacturer System Product Name System Version
pub_9bc3afb3-992a-4e55-9491-44c0ff747ac4 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA78GM-S2H
pub_2aa12eb1-1cff-4803-9815-eab8aaf039a8 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H
pub_10a9eab5-02c6-479a-978a-a343aace7709 Dell, Inc. Inspiron 400 00
pub_6a98a4fa-76ae-4c3f-ab08-f8f40103ec71 ZOTAC ZBOX-AD03BR/AD05BR XX
pub_1be66acb-ab38-45b6-af15-91a7b82292da Dell, Inc. Inspiron 400 00