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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_58181399-41a4-419c-ae8b-9dc60c9f3748 GOOGLE Panther 1.0
pub_d732a709-2bd0-4315-b552-31637312c97d GOOGLE Panther 1.0
pub_9fc99539-6807-4fff-8f5d-747ca2ecccd7 GOOGLE Panther 1.0
pub_0d156650-8855-4733-99cf-7fd778662ec1 GOOGLE Panther 1.0
pub_1f65ad7a-069d-4fee-8fb8-d72660312d59 GOOGLE Zako 1.0
pub_ead7a53b-5be3-4959-b891-fddc7e681a55 GOOGLE Zako 1.0
pub_56c5bcc1-2190-4ce4-b94e-e26ed194b4d5 GOOGLE Falco 1.0
pub_09dd671e-983c-4178-8da8-3ece4e1af462 LENOVO 20428 Lenovo Yoga 2 11
pub_2878d9e7-17fc-4778-97c6-858b6b5081e7 LENOVO 20428 Lenovo Yoga 2 11
pub_d2f33ed7-0b62-47a5-b88e-41c107059e7d LENOVO 20266 Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
pub_5a80c746-8c2a-468b-9cc8-76696dc18a51 LENOVO 20266 Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro