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Breaks System
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Requires 3rd Party Drivers
Works, but required additional configuration
Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_9d39fddd-f511-463b-b31b-791c0337cafc ASUSTeK Computer Inc. M6Ne 1.0
pub_e36fba1b-776f-4c79-8e28-0e0b243830b0 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. A3L 1.0
pub_f64d64fc-441b-4ce6-904d-26d03d74e7cb ASUSTeK Computer Inc. S3N 1.0
pub_eccc7783-5a36-4913-973e-cf26fe523125 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. A3G 1.0
pub_1fcc9cef-dadc-4e91-95b3-f38dc088f8d9 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. M6Na 1.0
pub_d921bf5c-bec9-4690-af36-e6b4047e2904 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. M6Ne 1.0
pub_8a3891ee-1c0b-4fb8-bfc1-28a5bc47d78d ASUSTeK Computer Inc. M6Ne 1.0
pub_b8f7d6da-3021-422a-aef7-e56df042659b JVC J3N 1.0
pub_de62f534-6a10-4e85-ab9d-873ceabfdbe9 JVC J3N 1.0
pub_5f605bf6-7005-48bf-971d-f7448975b2aa JVC J3N 1.0
pub_9cdb7f0e-9a4e-4d79-b2fe-51717047cf9e ASUSTeK Computer Inc. A6L 1.0
pub_233be9a3-b3b6-4434-88a7-a7bf54cb3d22 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. A6L 1.0
pub_25d6156b-bb33-405d-8746-3210ff232774 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. M2N 1.0