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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_9e0cad2d-4a75-4dc1-a373-1bdd94057cea Dell, Inc. Latitude E5500
pub_a1f1cdde-91a9-4c31-a507-c633c20d4187 Dell, Inc. Latitude E5500
pub_90284436-4a88-4e6a-9ed4-7cc881b6275a Dell, Inc. Latitude E5500
pub_e980c980-1530-44c1-b12d-b2a786ceadbe Dell, Inc. Precision M6300
pub_02db0c53-5992-4b2d-9267-5d889e35ff36 Dell, Inc. Precision M6300
pub_7b2cc2eb-cc92-4fe2-b055-aff7687b6aff Dell, Inc. Precision M6300
pub_a6a6f443-01d8-4e06-8617-c8211bcb7c6b Dell, Inc. Precision M6300
pub_1e8f006d-48fa-4732-b729-9904b1c707c8 Dell, Inc. Latitude XT
pub_45408606-60c4-44ba-9334-5d2ff6b15afd Dell, Inc. Latitude XT
pub_c1701a16-f39c-4c60-b67e-cd1762ede7a0 Dell, Inc. Latitude E5400