I don't use this or I don't know
Breaks System
Doesn't Work
Requires 3rd Party Drivers
Works, but required additional configuration
Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_55f1ba42-e921-4596-8982-7e46f555d19a Supermicro H8QG6 1234567890
pub_73b38c28-e53c-4092-9c77-fe4c64000dd9 Siemens AX 0202000000 empty
pub_28277e9c-9eaa-4dbe-8afd-a01111555165 Siemens AX 0202000000 empty
pub_32470f87-c7d6-47eb-b470-6b6c4ec0904e Supermicro H8DG6/H8DGi 1234567890
pub_0ee205b6-a58d-4c34-8ba9-3447bfa18150 Supermicro H8DG6/H8DGi 1234567890