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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_bf4957f4-9fe1-44de-92b7-00d95dcd1c4a Acer Aspire 5740 Rev
pub_72d3dc9e-38f2-4f25-94c6-f2b550efff72 ASUSTek Computer INC. P5L-MX Rev 1.xx
pub_e193fba0-b370-4239-8173-9705ef6e96d3 Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq nc4400 (EY265EA) F.0B
pub_d80de97e-1977-41c0-8c34-67282a3dfc6e Acer Aspire 7738 0100
pub_7cdf38b6-8fd8-4d98-a788-151819811908 System manufacturer P5Q System Version
pub_e268cb23-0e21-4cea-8333-223651aeaf6b To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M.
pub_c96838f2-4e50-4336-86f8-8d78fd8b2d04 Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq dc7800p Small Form Factor
pub_c122d36e-24fc-4a41-bd03-e46c861f61e9 Sony Corporation VGC-RB64G R5111355
pub_78edf741-2cfe-4fbb-8ce6-d1e735bb98e1 Acer Aspire 5740 Rev
pub_d51f2ad4-d44e-4b77-baef-d418e16108e0 MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD MS-7514 1.0
pub_5b217929-7498-4bb1-858c-8fcd3a05c9b3 MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD MS-7514 1.0
pub_bd95c3af-2c76-4a61-80ec-83c2c21e3cec LENOVO 4270CTO ThinkPad W520
pub_874bceb3-52b6-491b-ada2-615d4a2c880e Gateway SX2855 P01-B1
pub_43947fde-8f93-45db-87d1-5b52c11584b8 Gateway SX2855 P01-B1
pub_b5e62968-b2a6-47d0-9442-c4887ccf9e3c Gateway SX2855 P01-B1
pub_0f44a3a7-00b5-4b84-8e8e-234ac10d1f9f Gateway SX2855 P01-B1
pub_5d35e4f8-243f-4593-aa6b-9cfaee57c41f Gateway SX2855 P01-B1
pub_5ae91619-04cb-46f5-a1bf-ca008059c3a9 To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M. To Be Filled By O.E.M.
pub_ba5be8cc-a803-4a0f-b1cc-6db06bd06850 Standard XS35 To Be Filled By O.E.M.
pub_0fd1cd5a-0352-4cfd-aa7a-f3025e5034bc Acer Aspire R3610
pub_e990ed5f-dfe8-4adf-a51c-d1a78c7c56c9 System manufacturer NOVALITE PX24 Rev 1.xx
pub_39dd4bc6-142e-4b5c-97ef-ff20f2ae57b2 LENOVO 4270CTO ThinkPad W520
pub_56f82cee-77b8-47b7-b33d-d44534781c15 Acer Aspire R3600
pub_7ae926e5-b2d7-484d-894e-a75293313774 Dell, Inc. Latitude E6420 01
pub_c5443011-94ff-45c5-8c4c-5851e6154273 Dell, Inc. Latitude E6420 01