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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_7cfcfa63-8fbf-4121-921a-5b47882e0ff5 FOXCONN NT-A2400&NT-A3500 FAB 1.0
pub_c54b5927-8527-4eff-9a2d-0716f991a01b FOXCONN NT-A2400&NT-A3500 FAB 1.0
pub_8656b6d8-d528-4e16-9721-551793ec21da FOXCONN nT-A3000 series FAB 2.0
pub_829ccae1-649b-42ea-8d41-df9596be5312 FOXCONN nT-A3000 series FAB 2.0
pub_542b9319-645c-4cdd-a065-44219097cc42 FOXCONN NT-A2400&NT-A3500 FAB 2.0
pub_5f03cc80-20b6-4273-86df-0fcec63123d7 FOXCONN NT-A2400&NT-A3500 FAB 2.0
pub_8f0fa6a2-789f-4c4a-9aa8-0646a0d488bf FOXCONN nT-A3000 series FAB 2.0
pub_944a12c6-809f-42bb-9c11-bf1cbfe4016d FOXCONN nT-A3000 series FAB 2.0
pub_91c00e57-cb8d-4763-82a5-dd1c2ceb6628 FOXCONN NT-A2400&NT-A3500 FAB 2.0
pub_42b65c20-e0bb-4191-95e4-9f44e8b24cb3 FOXCONN NT-A2400&NT-A3500 FAB 2.0