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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_4edb6ca5-574b-4119-a4a3-bb8b2d947407 IBM 23737FG ThinkPad T41
pub_8391b60a-e254-4c65-9d89-3fd18170e798 IBM 237312U ThinkPad T40
pub_3aa6ec58-2e47-4bea-9306-a002203c67ef IBM 23737CU ThinkPad T40
pub_9e13d138-f5f6-490c-ac75-78c5bf18d25c IBM 23738RG ThinkPad T41
pub_12f45aec-02c6-4357-b243-b81adf882714 IBM 1830NA2 ThinkPad R50
pub_5ba577fa-28fb-4135-abe3-cf9e4cad42da IBM 237319G ThinkPad T40
pub_3914c74d-5aae-4fb0-b791-2c0ea94f0fa0 IBM 2374D63 ThinkPad T42
pub_295a4d2f-a6c9-4977-92d1-1dd8c6347f5a IBM 23736VU ThinkPad T42
pub_31763df1-7053-4493-a5a6-f148bb405b30 IBM 2373K1G ThinkPad T42
pub_dbbb9ff5-36fc-4896-a5c8-57da415452f0 IBM 2374TG9 ThinkPad T41
pub_921fbd75-c36a-474f-9d8b-5f6ac8ac2f44 IBM 2378R4U ThinkPad T42
pub_21b40876-7b26-48c0-bca1-b5f537fdc742 IBM 23734TG ThinkPad T42
pub_40537139-7a8d-402c-8602-42b62110dbcc IBM 2374TG0 ThinkPad T41
pub_1ea46056-624c-45d0-8d60-4c2bf17a41b9 IBM 23738TG ThinkPad T42