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Breaks System
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Requires 3rd Party Drivers
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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_9d4a7573-d973-463a-b750-e5e8762f8ba0 HP Pavilion 061 PN147AA-ABA Z545 0qq1112RE101BAILE00
pub_5b79d395-ccab-4484-b751-6625613d8d17 HP Pavilion 061 PS282AA-ABZ m1280.it 03y0114RE101AHI 00
pub_7389bb4b-f694-4c14-8c07-df3dab78916f HP Pavilion 061 PN245AA-ABG m1188a 0r&0111RE101PUFFE00
pub_323e6a03-f8f8-4fed-9de5-0a85a934ba70 HP Pavilion 061 PC150A-ABF t590.fr 0g`0211RE101OXFOR10
pub_ded3fe1f-8a05-4e8c-abca-952b5a3830d9 HP Pavilion 061 PL366AA-ABA Z545 0qq1114RE101BAILE00
pub_6048b763-6f2a-4ab2-bea0-b09eb7165851 HP Pavilion 061 PX642AA-ABZ m7081.it 03q0114RE101AHI2 00
pub_a046cf82-2653-43a6-85ec-8a76c1fe9a07 HP Pavilion 061 DW131A-ABE t480.es 0g`0211RE101OXFOR10
pub_ed01e5fc-f4ca-4e44-8751-8fb5b9987e61 Dell, Inc. Dimension 5000