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Breaks System
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Requires 3rd Party Drivers
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Worked out of the box

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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_5acdd9f4-369c-48ed-bf33-9a49815988d4 Dell, Inc. XPS 8940
pub_2f2f526b-3a96-400b-9e74-8838c52c2715 Dell, Inc. XPS 8940
pub_6c671628-b1ef-4771-b3a4-70964af95090 Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. GL75 Leopard 10SDR REV:1.0
pub_70a94b2a-4e28-47ad-acf8-18f745900a53 LENOVO 20URS01D00 ThinkPad T15g Gen 1
pub_053385a6-22d8-4827-b2ac-739c212b6428 Dell, Inc. XPS 15 9500
pub_0ebedc5d-af8c-4503-945f-cb0a49676087 Dell, Inc. XPS 15 9500
pub_525555eb-fe8c-46b5-865f-812d9e761331 Dell, Inc. XPS 15 9500
pub_dbf4d555-8b56-4f58-8d68-ba1503886134 Dell, Inc. XPS 13 9310
pub_13e76a45-0f0f-457b-a419-c99decefbf02 Intel(R) Client Systems NUC11PAHi5 M15533-306