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Profiles with this device

Public UUIDVendorSystem
pub_015330a4-4510-499b-9e58-e8585a1a147d LENOVO 20270 IdeaPad U430 Touch
pub_89e088cd-c38d-461f-b233-62a9ac0c8c1b SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 305E4A/305E5A/305E7A 02QU
pub_5e50176c-43b4-4e72-9365-c007a83b0653 MSI MS-7865 2.0
pub_30c63ae7-8b2e-4d60-9870-d384edea1647 MSI MS-7865 2.0
pub_6bcf9cb3-3b26-416d-b358-60aa607cfb0e ASUSTeK Computer INC. CM1730/CM1830 System Version
pub_4aaeb528-3d36-4e5f-a897-c466418d92ad ASUSTeK Computer INC. CM1730/CM1830 System Version
pub_8326b338-f81e-4a9d-bb33-5c199d86e666 ASUS All Series System Version
pub_83aa8754-4ee0-4748-8672-bc9cb5609f3b Dell, Inc. OptiPlex 780
pub_9cf9affd-7f77-4425-96de-b6a64b25e1b4 Dell, Inc. OptiPlex 780
pub_d1ec8b0a-48e9-45a3-a1e3-014491a08d9d Dell, Inc. OptiPlex 980
pub_dbb813fa-098d-498d-8ad5-9b709ec781f3 NVIDIA MCP7A 2
pub_0a4f0714-11aa-462e-8d58-1ca98a7fabff NVIDIA MCP7A 2