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VendorSystemRatingRating Count
Viglen D945GTP 00:16:76:DB:0A:E6 2
Viglen DQ965GF 00:19:D1:A3:9F:96 2
Viglen DQ45CB 00:1C:C0:E5:21:D9 2
Viglen VIG691M D8:CB:8A:70:63:2B 2
Viglen VIG645M D4:3D:7E:27:EE:8D 2
Viglen D945GTP 00:13:20:CA:FA:0A 1
Viglen D945GTP 00:19:D1:3D:AB:AF 1
Viglen DQ35JO 00:1C:C0:2F:17:68 1
Viglen 945_PBTX 00:17:31:B5:38:44 1
Viglen VIG580S 00:18:F3:85:EB:C7 1
Viglen D945GCZ 00:16:76:28:3F:15 1
Viglen DQ35JO 00:1C:C0:35:EC:4C 1
Viglen MS-7528 00:24:21:9A:BE:06 1
Viglen DQ965GF 00:19:D1:A8:BD:7A 1
Viglen All Series 08:62:66:50:6E:C3 1